Remember there is no free lunch unless God provides

In paradise, everything is subsidized by the govt. School fees, university fees, all subsidized. Hospital bills, subsidized. Polyclinic bills, subsidized. Housing, more subsidies in terms of tens of thousands or at least $60k for those earning $1000 pm. Dunno how much subsidies for the bigger flats, but must be big. Public transport, also subsidized, the latest $1.1b to buy buses and pay staff salaries. PUB bills, conservancy bills also got subsidies but called rebates.
If these are subsidies, that means the govt is paying a large portion of the bills. The cost must be genuine and that is why there is a need to subsidise. Can someone work out how much would all the subsidies come to that are paid by the govt? I think it is no small amount. Or this is already provided in the budget under Subsidies?
If one flat is subsidized by $60k, 1,000 flat would mean $60 million. And for bigger flats, the subsidies could be more. Imagine how much the govt has subsidized for 800,000 HDB flats? Add the rest of the subsidies, it could come to billions.
We should call ourselves Subsidy Paradise. I am thinking of setting up a Subsidy Club. Everything in the Club is subsidized including meals, services, retails etc etc for as much as 70%. Membership fee is $200k. Monthly subscription fee is $1000. I think this is an excellent concept. Forgot to add, Membership fee is already subsidized and so is monthly subscription fee. Members no need to worry. This subsidy concept is perfectly sustainable in the long run.
The great subsidy game is one of the key factors that allows the thousands of millionaires to live their normal lives. Without the great subsidies, the millionaires will have to tighten their belts and may go begging. Can our asset rich millionaires survive without the subsidies? This is perhaps the only rich country in the world where millionaires have to live on subsidies.
I remember that a figure was thrown out claiming that an average Sinkie would receive something like half a million dollars of subsidies in his life time. Foreigners must quickly opt to become citizens and become recipients of half a million dollars just by becoming Singaporeans. Where on earth got such a good bargain?
Chua Chin Leng aka redbean
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Schizophrenia: Undifferentiated Subtype

Schizophrenia: Undifferentiated Subtype

The undifferentiated subtype is diagnosed when people have symptoms of schizophrenia that are not sufficiently formed or specific enough to permit classification of the illness into one of the other subtypes.
The symptoms of any one person can fluctuate at different points in time, resulting in uncertainty as to the correct subtype classification. Other people will exhibit symptoms that are remarkably stable over time but still may not fit one of the typical subtype pictures. In either instance, diagnosis of the undifferentiated subtype may best describe the mixed clinical syndrome.
What is the Truth?

When thought broadcasting initiate a response from the environment, it will lead you to believe in the paranoid, where conspiracy theories exists and if you respond to it, the changes that in fact take place becomes the truth, and the PRODUCTS that derived from it is really OUT OF THIS WORLD, just because the person has a disorder, doesn’t mean his works is nonsense, everybody is trying to play games to take advantage of this fact, but the fact is everything is REAL and not an ILLUSION, then continue to play games and the WORLD WILL LOSE OUT in the end.  
My schizophrenia does not affect me at all, it is in fact “in the spirit” where God reveals all his secrets to me, allowing me to create works that no man can, even looking into the future. Carry on and play games and the WORLD WILL REGRET IT. Nobody has the right to control me, or influenced anything I do, if you continue this nonsense, I am going to the highest courts in UN to seek redress. You can find out from my doctor if I am insane or not:

Dr Terence Leong – Neuroscience Clinic
National University Hospital

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A wage shock move will not work, you need a balanced approach

Economist Lim Chong Yah recently floated a shock proposal to help tackle Singapore’s growing income gap.
Under his suggested “wage shock” plan, the former chairman of the National Wage Council from 1972 to 2001 and professor at NTU’s School of Humanities & Social Sciences, suggested raising the monthly salaries of workers who earn S$1,500 or less by 50 per cent over three years. At the same time, the wages of those who over S$15,000 a month would be freezed for the same period.

National Trades Union Congress secretary-general Lim Swee Say labeled it a “very risky” move because it would push up wages of low-wage workers but a corresponding increase in skill, productivity or employability may not follow suit.
He also added that such an increase for low-wage workers would result in a higher cost of living as businesses passed on higher costs to consumers.

Managers of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) also criticised Lim’s suggestions, saying they were too extreme. Such a move could lead to the mass closure of SMEs as the companies may not be able to bear the cost of the wage increments, they said.

However, union leaders welcomed Lim’s proposal, saying it was “a real morale booster” and “long overdue”.

A wage shock move will not work, you need a balanced approach

When you introduced Minimum sum salary by let’s say funding $1 for everyone below $1k salary, those in the income bracket of $1k-$2k will also be affected, raising business costs indirectly, unless businesses are able to recover this cost thru productivity or innovations, it will not make sense unless the government comes in to fulfill these goals, ie provide free trainning to upgrade their skills for higher productivity, which in turn brings higher returns for the businesses to offset it. So the costs maybe higher than it seems due to implied costs, but it will ensure the standard of living for Singaporeans will be improved.

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