Creative 50(C76) : ROI to Price $12 by end 2013?

Innovations in software technologies will create new products with functionalities and capabilities never envisioned, Apple Siri will evolved into new interfaces with voice capabilities that can translate languages on the fly, where the introduction of new chip technologies will give a quantum leap to present life cycles beyond technological gaps. As such, there will be new products and new devices giving rise to profits beyond what analyst expects as Apple is well known in controlling it’s processes. The Global recovery will be spurred by innovations in technologies, where incomes will rise based on productivity gains and the maximising of land costs and resources.
Why I chose Creative?
1) Chinese Language expertise. Creative’s Han’s chinese software will evolve. There is a huge potential for conversion to Apps to support smartphones, tablets, Windows 8, Android and iOS6.
2) Creative sound hardware with voice recognition capabilities with products that can even rival Apple’s Siri.
3) 3D Search Engine with intelligence???
Are you able to swallow a US$500 billion pie?
I can design the structure of the software and solve any problems you encounter but you need to get the programmers and the funding(you can re-issue shares with my contract). When completed it will give the user at least 50% of my capabilities in terms of productivity, so I am not worried about nobody will buy my software, it will sell like hot cakes.
Sorry I am not interested to take over Creative as my priorities are non-profit. 
P/S : My bankruptcy creditor is OCBC Bank which is owned by my family friend and uncle, the amount is only $25k, which I can easily resolved if I want to.
Creative still has an ongoing court case with a chinese firm and because of that, it’s share price is depressed, which is a wonderful opportunity when it is resolved.
– Contributed by Oogle.