Just abandon SMRT Thomson Line to build elsewhere

SMRT Drivers: We are frustrated over NTUC’s incompetency

It is the job of the unions to help the poor employees. But, in Singapore, our unions are turned on their head and they are remarkably unique – they side the employers and in this case, they have caved in to the demands of the corporation, leaving the local Singaporean drivers in despair. The drivers are left with only one option – seeking legal redress over the National Trade Union Congress’s (NTUC) inability to negotiate a favourable deal, loss of income and for the “lack of consideration made to a crucial aspect to the new terms of employment.”

On Friday 28th September, responding to a query from The Online Citizen, the NTUC announced that they have negotiated for the reinstatement of the five day workweek (without the pay adjustment) which will only come into effect in January 2013. Drivers can opt to revert back to the old scheme starting this month. One SMRT driver, however, has reacted negatively to this:

SMRT also denied the driver’s annual increment, so a win situation for SMRT, all the things that the drivers did like writing to newspaper and labour minister [have been in vain]. ~ SMRT Driver.

SMRT if were to go ahead with Thomson MRT line, S$18 billion will go down the drain with risks of insurance claims from damages drilling underground an area with lots of complications, where it is not possible to recover the investment ROI, that is the stupid reason why they are cutting costs by cutting salary first, which is a stupid move, just change the budget to build at a different location with a feasibility study with drones and gps for site survey in the air. I am sure it is not necessary to cut salary if SMRT makes the right moves. Most likely SMRT need to work with HDB for the planning of new towns together with SLA and URA.
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Author: Gilbert Tan TS

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