Why US cannot lead anymore in the UN

A founder of one of China’s leading companies has branded Barack Obama and US regulators as “petty scoundrels” in the latest exchange over restrictions on Chinese companies’ access to the US market.
Xiang Wenbo, one of China’s richest men and a founding member of the Sany Group, lashed out at US regulators on Thursday in an unusual outburst that highlights the rising commercial tensions between the world’s two largest economies.
“They are petty scoundrels who can’t be reasoned with,” said Mr Xiang, referring to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the US and to President Obama, who last month blocked a Sany-affiliated wind farm in Oregon on national security grounds. The case has added to a growing sense among Chinese companies that they face discrimination in their efforts to expand into the US, a situation exacerbated by the US presidential election, they say.
“The US treats China like a hostile country,” said Mr Xiang, who is a board member of Sany Heavy, the world’s ninth’s-largest construction machinery maker by sales. “Whatever we do is deemed as endangering American national security.” Earlier this year, Cfius – the government agency which reviews overseas investment into the US – retroactively blocked the purchase of the Oregon wind farm by Ralls, a Sany affiliate, on national security grounds because of its proximity to a military restricted fly zone.
Mr Xiang’s comments come at a time when Chinese companies are increasingly concerned about barriers they face in the US market. Last week, a US congressional committee said two Chinese telecoms equipment companies, Huawei and ZTE, were threats to national security – an announcement that threatens their US expansion plans. Meanwhile, Chinese oil group Cnooc is awaiting a decision by Cfius on its proposed acquisition of Nexen, a Canadian oil company with some assets in the US.
As Mr Obama and his US presidential rival Mitt Romney spar over who might be tougher on China, their comments have been met with quiet alarm by Chinese companies seeking to expand in the US.
After Tuesday’s presidential debate, China’s foreign ministry urged the US to keep the China-US relationship in perspective. “We hope that during this campaign people will fully understand . . . that the essence of the China-US relationship is mutually beneficial and win-win,” said foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei in Beijing on Wednesday.
Sany has been expanding rapidly overseas, setting up manufacturing facilities in Peachtree, Georgia, last year, and then spending €525m in April to acquire Putzmeister, the German maker of concrete pumps. But the company has been thwarted by opposition to a small wind farm near the Columbia River Gorge in northern Oregon.
Earlier this year Cfius, the government agency which reviews overseas investment into the US, retroactively rejected the purchase of the wind farm site by Sany’s affiliate company, Ralls, which planned to install Sany turbines on the site. When Ralls sued Cfius, Mr Obama stepped in with an executive order that cited national security concerns and called for construction to be halted at the site, parts of which are inside a military restricted flight zone.
Ralls has added Mr Obama’s name to the earlier court case, making it the first Chinese company to ever sue a US president.
Mr Xiang said that the action of Cfius and of Mr Obama violated the spirit of the US constitution and its protections for private property. Ralls’ legal challenge is “important for safeguarding the dignity of Chinese enterprises and of Sany”, he added. “What we do will be a significant reference [point for] Chinese enterprises in the future.”
“The presidential election has very little to do with us, so why is everyone always trying to get China involved? It seems like whoever has a negative view of China will win more votes. This severely damages the friendly feelings of the Chinese people towards America.”
Additional reporting by Gwen Chen in Beijing
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– Contributed by Oogle.  

Author: Gilbert Tan TS

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