How Capacity Planning can improve your bottom line with historical data

How Capacity Planning can improve your bottom line with historical data

1) Let me give you an example, you have the ezlink card, where if you are SBS you need to know the movement of your passengers for capacity planning, every single trip that originates at which bus stop at what time, the capacity of your buses, and plan to at least fulfill 50% of each bus capacity, it is no point setting a goal of every trip in 10 minutes if there is no demand, as long as you can keep your waiting times within 30 minutes should be your goal, by fulfilling 50% of each bus capacity already you will not lose money, no point driving all bus drivers with stress where it is impossible to achieve you goals.

2) Likewise for SMRT it is possible to keep your train trips within 2 minutes apart for peak hours, but it does not justify outside of peak hours, you know every trip that starts from which MRT and ends where at what time, so base on the 50% capacity of your train and keeping your waiting time within 15 minutes, it is possible to improve your bottom line.

3) This also applies to all freight and transport operators, if you can plan ahead to fulfill and maximise your capacity, it will help improve your bottom line, it is the same for air, sea, road and rail, nobody likes to waste resources, unless you own Air Force One and you are the President of United States.

4) Likewise I can even plan for the capacity for road traffic, to link to CCTV camera to monitor traffic, the control of all traffic lights, and even manage Road Pricing with ERP via GPS by automating every process and linking everything for traffic control.

5) If I am crazy enough, I could even mine the data from taxi meters and link to the GPS system, to find out exactly the demand for taxis for every taxi stop, even planning ahead like a venue for concert and show, to supply enough taxis to cater to demand, the most efficient way to make money.
– Contributed by Oogle.

NOL’s boss warns of industry shake-up

SinoShip News- 18/10/12
Shenzhen: The container shipping industry will go through a significant shake-up and the growth it has become accustomed to will never return, according to the boss of the world’s seventh largest containerline.
In a frank speech on day two of the TPM Asia conference in Shenzhen group president and ceo of NOL, Ng Yat Chung suggested the sector was set for huge changes.  NOL runs containerline APL.
The industry is, Ng said, “in the middle of a deep downturn???”.
Container shipping will not benefit from GDP growth going forward as it has done in the past, Ng said, noting that era of outsourcing to China was over as was the era of high consumption.
“The industry is clearly not sustainable – something has to give,” Ng warned.
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